1/32 Moebius Cylon Raider part 007

After more than a week of designing, my board is finally ready. However, because of the size requirement, the board will have to be very compact. And not only that some of my 'counterparts' in the other parts of the World are almost completed with their designs. So, I have to force myself to move at a quicker pace. For obvious reasons, I cannot tell you what it is yet since I, too am not really sure if I can pull this off within such a short time.

This board needs to be very small and also, my design is to achieve as close as possible to a 'plug and play' solution for the user. I will share with you some of the dillema I am facing:

1. As the board is compact, a microprocesor will be the best solution to keep the component count down. And so, I opted for the smallest packaging size, which is the SSOP.
2. Because I chose the SSOP, the 'legs' are very fine and soldering them the normal way will create shorts if the heat from the soldering iron did not kill them first.
3. Because the space is limited, the LEDs I chose will be 0603, which, as you all know, is darn difficult to solder without killing it. I am going to enjoy torturing myself.
4. Not because I am trying to keep the cost down but not many people I know can mount SMD components on my boards for me (at reasonable price, of course)
5. Finally, because of the shape of the board, making it or rather, cutting it to shape is going to be expensive, provided there is a vendor willing to do that. Then I have to worry about committing a generous MOQ from them.

Anyway, this is how the board looks like with
a 10sen coin for scale comparison. Right now
its on paper (not literally) but I am going to
get them made into prototypes soon.

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