My very own NERF Longstrike

Yeah, I got my very first NERF for this year. Its a pre-owned Longstrike. So, for the money asked, this is a real bargain despite the absence of the detachable barrel and sights. The Longstrike is not famous for its effective shooting range which uses the reverse plunger system. But it is by far, the longest NERF.

The reverse plunger system was a face-palm for me once I learnt why many people hated it. In NERF, the dart is shot out using air pressure and the reverse plunger system (sort of like how a real rifle would work) not only lets the potential built up air pressure escape but also, forms an imperfect seal in the barrel. Or something like that. Then again, this was not my priority since I want to convert them and not shoot darts.

I mean, if my plan was the latter, I would still pine for a Longshot. Heh.

Why I want this? If you remove the stock, it would remind you of Johnny Alpha's Westinghouse Variable Cartridge Blaster. Which, then, almost reminds me of Judge Dredd's Lawgiver.

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