Something from my Stash

While looking for something, I re-discovered some of my stash on some parts of the house which I thought, has been transffered to the other location. Also, I have completely forgotten about them too, which was a nice surprise for the day.

This is a 6-position selector switch which I won from eBay many years ago.
Its for my Judge Dredd Lawgiver Mk.II but at that time, progress from the Prop Community stopped.

I won a few of these from some gun in almost 8 years ago.
This is almost the same gun used in Virtua Cop Arcade game and was very cool at that time.

The infamous Playstation version of the Movie Lawgiver which many had used to make their own Lawgivers at that time. Until Prop Sifus such as Matsuo came up with mind-boggling products.

Something I got from random toy shops. Looks like it but its not it.
So, accept it as a snub PK Blaster.

One of the surviving Playmates STNG Tricorders

Didn't know I got this Koto part as I only remember searching all over last year in shops

What was so nice was the little pipes under the main barrel.
Sure, I can scratch-build one but then, there is no reason.
I hope to find more surprises like these but I don't think so since most of them has been transferred. There was nothing much left once the Termites ate everything. You know, one day, I am going to need to clean the Termite affected parts and see what can be salvaged since my Heart is starting to accept the damages.

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