26072012 Trip to HHQ

I had some time to kill and so, HHQ was the place to hang out. Actually, I wanted to just hand around Kristine's school and use the Notebook which I had brought along but on hindsight, it is safer to just hide from the outside World here.

When I came in, there are still some model kits left form the latest shipment which arrived a few days ago.

To other modelers these are restocks but to me, I have never seen most of them before.

For example, a 1/350 accessory set for ships, which has the a harrier jet, Ospreys, Abrams tanks, and even the AAVP-7.

This is how small 1/350 scale is against my index finger

This is the first time I have seen the 'Bushmaster' and for 1/35, it is quite large.I am not sure who the manufacturer was but the box really attracted my attention. Oh, and the Emu is not included in the kit in case you're asking.

Looking inside, I liked what I saw, specially the interior where the seating looked more like it was armoured.

But once the euphoria dies down, I realised the details are not really that crisp and there are some flash

Next are Master Box's Vietnam series.

The pose from these figures are very nice, which is good as normal figures would have very boring poses.

And this is even better. In fact, with them and a Jeep (sold separately) you can create your very own diorama without having to hunt for other suitable figures. The mouth details of the man being shot is quite good.

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