A help from a friend

Finally, another friend has offered to help me in painting the Cylon Raider since I do not have one myself. What is even better is that he will come to my place to take it off me. But he will just paint it like that, with no missile bays and accurate paintjob or parts, which I agree with him as these do not take up time. Hopefully, it will be ready in a week or two and I can then close the chapter on this and get on with other projects.

Its not easy doing other stuff when the model lies unfinished in front of you. The finished model means a lot to me but some people do not really understand the reason why. With this model, I can shoot another video to show how it would look like completed. This, I hope, would encourage more sales which can help me from getting my car repossessed and also, fund the second product.

So, some people really do walk the talk and the others, ... just talk and talk.

Kaelynn standing outside the gate with me to see who is this kind friend of mine.

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