Hotwheels Videoracer part 1

OK, this is the package from the Post Office. And when I picked it up, I was relieved and also disappointed at the same time. Relieved because there was nothing to 'pay' and disappointed because of the condition of the package. Still, now you know why everyone is padding their packages when it comes to shipping.

This is quite a large box and its about 2.5 times of an A3

Edge crush of 23Lbs/in. Right. So for the edge of this box to collapse, it must have been placed under a great weight

Perhaps someone sat on it?

Now, comes the weird part. When I opened it, there was no padding of any kind. No styrofoams, newspapers or even those bubble-wraps. And guess what? The package inside was NOT crushed or even scratched.

And so, this is how the package looks like

Inside the box, you have (from left to right) the car, its protective case, a USB cable, some mounting brackets and a strap. No software CD, which I need to download the 183Mb file from their site and fucks up after 13-18Mb into the download. And I've tried that five times.

Everything is really protected in this box but I really do wish they had included the installation CD.

The Videoracer is almost 3.75 inches long

This is the front of the Videoracer. The big hole is the camera. And the small hole is just a small hole, although I wished it was an Infra-red light source.

This is the rear view of the Videoracer. The plastic part is to protect the USB port but once you opened it, its very hard to close it again.

This is the only side of the Videoracer which is worth mentioning because it has the ON/OFF switch.
Anyway, I am going to stop for now as the toy's internal 3.7lithium battery needs to be charged up for at least 45 minutes before I can get anything out from it. When I first opened it, there was some minute charge in the battery which gave me some precious seconds to have a quick play with it. Not bad.

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