Hotwheels Videoracer Part 2

With a full battery charge, I can now explore the toy further. But bear in mind, this will not be an in-depth review or review of any kind since I have other plans for it which does not involve playing.

The first thing you have to note is, this is a first as far as cameras in toy die-casts cars go. And yes, it IS a toy. So, once you accept these facts, your expectations will be lowered and you hence accept things as they are.

Basically, the Videoracer is just a 512Mb recordable camera with an LCD screen, stuffed into a toy car. In fact, this is nothing new since with the wireless technology, I am sure many have installed a better wireless camera system onto a real 1/10 RC car. But there is a difference; the Videoracer can get stuck under heavy furniture and still record your stupidity.

This is what the screen will show when you plugged it into the USB cable;  the internal battery is being charged. It is not an indication of the battery going flat nor that there is lighting inside the cells.

This was what was shown on the LCD screen when I first tried it out. One thing you must know is that there is no sound when played back from the Videoracer. You need to download it onto the PC to hear the sound, which is mainly just noise as if you're driving a rock solid car with zero suspensions. Or, you can think of riding on a gigantic skateboard.
The car is not asking for you to vote for the dustbin but this is what would be shown when your itchy finger pressed the right button while the current video is being played back. The symbols also eliminates potential problems with customers who are colour blind.

Once you plug the car into the USB port, the Green led will flash to tell you that its being charged.

This is the Splash Screen when you turn the Videoracer on. It is a subtle memory aid to remind you that the car you're holding is a Hotwheels car.

This animated screen is very important. The loop-de-loop icon on the left is to record in 60fps (QVGA) mode while the other on the right is 30fps (VGA). This is because mountains do not move fast enough so you can record stuff in lower fps.


Screen Wipes said...

Amazing cute toy! Where I can find this? I want to buy!

CFC said...

Hi, Screen Wipes,

I got this from eBay.