The Banana cake from Japan

One of our sister in Law dropped by and gave us some very nice cakes from Japan. She was always traveling due to the nature of her work and now, although she has settled down, its still amazing how she can get these cute little presents for us.

I wonder if she does not mind smuggling me to Japan too...

This is a Banana cake. Its unlike any other banana cake you see being sold here. Most of the banana cakes I have tasted over the years tends to be oily. Surprisingly, this one does now. Its soft, and the scent is nice. Just from the photo alone, you'd think these are just one of those Japanese Rice crackers but once you feel it in your hands, it feels like a soft pillow.

It takes more than one bite to fully appreciate them but because there is no way to get more of them by the containers, you just have to take small bites and let the cake's sweet fillings fill your taste buds.

This was seconds before I whacked Kaelynn's as she claimed to be very full. I guessed she ate more than just one.

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