Termite recovery Part II

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This is a very rare toy from MacFarlane and is controversial too. It was not sold in normal stores but through specialty comic shops. It features Marv, who is one of the characters in Frank Miller's comic; Sin City. The toy shows him in his final death scene, which he uttered the iconic words after the first jolt failed. I understand the price for this toy is very high now. Below is the video of what happens when you pull the switch.
Here is a short video I made using my Nokia n8. As I cannot stop the soundtrack halfway, I decided not to put any music in it.

This is the actual scene from the Sin City movie. Mickey Rourke plays Marv.

Anyway, after taking that video and testing out Nokia's video editor, I found the girls having their breakfast.

And so, its time to continue with the cleaning. We had to clean this sofa set and removing the cover was not easy at first due to a lot of velcros.

Also, it was time to check why the kid's night light was not... lighting in the night. The switch broke and if I went down to Pasar road to get a new switch and all, it would cost more than this light. Better that I just solder the wires together...

After lunch, it was time for the girls to do more revisions thanks to Mommy

And it wa salso time for me to get back to my stuff. Just a warm up, this is a second Nokia 7110 Matrix Phone. My first was stolen.

Not sure what these were but its more like growth based from the sweat of my hands and face. And maybe because it was sealed in an airtight plastic bag, well... I really have no idea.

This is the Nokia 5300, a very sturdy phone which took a lot of abuse. The reddish/orange stuff was the casing which, failed. Maybe the lack of air does this to rubber, PVC and other plastics? I know rubber melts when I placed them in ziplock bags.

Now, for the rest of the afternoon, it was just me, the models and... a toothbrush

The termite gunk came off easily after being soaked in water overnight plus a little bit of soap. I had to do this because the two pieces are very fragile.

OK, now its to the second box. Recognise anything?

Some nude resin kit which, I had no idea why I bought it

When this vinyl Spiderman came out for the very first time, I really really wanted it as both the pose and the sculpting was amazing.

One of the best  1/6 Makoto Kusanagi from 'Ghost in the Shell'

Complete AMT Enterprise-D parts, its surface was partially sanded down.

Not sure about this but almost complete AMT TIE Fighter with a missing back piece of the Pilot.

Fully recovered Enterprise-C but with missing Deflector Dish. Maybe I shall buy the replacement blue resin version from Don's Light and Magic.

And now, my friends, my great pleasure to share with you, one of my (so-called) prized possession: A cutaway Millenium Falcon from AMT. This was another of those model kits which I tried my hand in lighting it. For this kit, I can say it has about 95% complete parts.

Most of the parts for the bottom saucer is there. You can see the yellowing of the glue.

The top part of the sauce is complete too, except for the clear piece in the gun well. The figures are all there, except for, I think, C3PO, R2D2 and maybe Obi-wan. I could be wrong about Obi-wan,

There is a missing part of a tube where, I think was used by Lando to rescue Luke in Bespin. Also missing were the 3d chess table and the seats near the computer section.
And so, I am quite happy with the discover of this kit because I spent many hours thinking and planning on how to light the exposed sections plus the connecting tunnels. Man, if i am going to do these kits, I think this would be my first on the list.

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