Termite recovery Part III

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Today is the last day for us here and so, its time to clean things up. I think this is the last of the lot but I know there are still some termite gunk-ed Playmates TNG Tricorders, a Type I TNG Phaser, a Borg cube and an Enterprise-D somewhere. Anyway, here are more recovered models and toys.


FFVII's Cloud Strife's Hardy Daytona.
Sadly, I could not find Cloud and chances are, most of the parts are not 100% recoverable. Then again, I think there is still the toy...

Airfix's 2001 Space Clipper.
The unpainted on the left is missing a tail sensor while the one on the right is an embarrassing exercise in hair-brushing

Complete six sides and stand for the Playmates Borg Cube

Although this was marked as those 4WD series, the Vise-Intruder is a very different model. In fact, it looks nice although it cannot be motorised like the other 4WD. But because of the clear body (now yellowing), you can set it as either a Tron vehicle or as a Batmobile. Oh, and all four wheels can fold out except for mine, one of the rear wheel is broken.

Some other 4WD stuff and (now vintage?) Warhammer plastic skeletons

The details are OK but not as sharp as what you see on the current plastic models.

Repeat after me: "This is not earth. There are no termite bodies in there."
OK? These are dried termite gunk.

Just want to share with you on this model. Its Prince Xizor's Virago. It has moving wings/sail.

Why is it so special? The model was left exactly as it was, nearly ten years ago. This is where I found and currently using the model cement.

The pair of cutters that has rusted and grown moldy.

The clothes pegs still on the wings/sail, clamping it while waiting for the glue to set. Its as if it was frozen in time, waiting for me to come back to complete it.

Some resin fantasy girl which I got it for no reason

The beautiful resin crouching Alien. Missing was the throne/base made of bones and facehugger

Finally, found more parts to the Heavy Metal resin kit, "The Embrace"

I think, most of the parts are complete now, what is missing are the instruction sheets, Well, hope to track some reference pictures in the Internet one day...

The classic Monogram Colonial Viper where I spoilt the canopy and ruined the base when I first try out a scriber. I was very impatient then. And still am, now.

The Aoshima (I think) 1/24 Back to the Future 2 DeLorean. The sprue frame of the grey parts in the bag is warped, while the decal is well, spoilt by water and the instruction sheet eaten by the termites.

Russian BMP-1, supposedly bought as kitbashing source. Surprisingly, it survived intact.

Ah, my Enterprise cutaway which I wanted to light it up them. Thank goodness I did not because looking back at my electronics and LED skills, it was more of a work done by a caveman.

Sadly, this Merkava will be a source for kit-bashing now since the tracks, suspensions, wheels, lead parts, etc are all gone.

Erm... some ladies from Silent Mobius. During that time, Silent Mobius, Bubblegum Crisis and AD Police was all the rage and so, the only 'nude' resin kits were of those girls plastered against the AMP Badge. Well this one is very very different. Then again, this resin kit might not be from Silent Mobius since there are supposed to have six characters.

And that's it for now. After clearing so much crap (yes), this one big bag of sadness is what was left. Its going to the bin and I hope this is the last I will remember of the termites saga.

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