Kristine's Sports Day 2012

My Wife told me, taking Kristine to the Sports Stadium is very easy. All I needed to know is to just get there early. Well, as usual, all plans fail whenever I am around. Because by the time I reached the area, yes, area. I cannot say the word place yet. You see the whole area was full of cars and I'll bet the locals there wondered what was happening. For those who are coming from the main road (like me), you need to queue up for the queue to make the U-turn to the Stadium's entrance. The funny thing was, although her school has her own field, they decided to borrow a mini Stadium belonging to another school. BECAUSE this stadium was many times bigger than the field. OK, that was the only logic I could think of but I think it also has to do with the fact that it has more parking space for the parents and other authorised vehicles.

The even starts from 0800 until 1230 and surprisingly, this is the first time, in for a Primary school function (where I attended), everything went like clockwork with 10-12 minutes to spare! Wow.

And so, like any dutiful Parent, I resigned myself to a covered seat. Luckily with the overcast sky, it was not too humid nor hot.

All the students were gathering on the far side of the field. I am not sure what Group/Sports House Kristine was, but all I know was that she wore a blue band.

The Parade Starts off with the Scouts.

Then the individual Sports Houses, each being led by a Flag bearer and their mascot

Yes, you got that right, people. Wolverine!

After the Parade, it was time for exercises. And man, although the Wolverine costume was nice, it was very hot for her.

First casualty for the Red Cross that was on standby

Some funny moments where her younger sister wanted to join in too. Many times, there were repeated announcement to inform the parents to stay off the track until the announcer nearly lost her cool.
She should have started with, "For those parents who are still on the track, we will find your kid and kick her out and make her repeat the year..."

This was and the best part of the Sports. Each team had to pick up an clothes item and help the other team member wear them. And although each team has the same number of clothing, the costume is different.

Man, I love this 80-300 lens.

OK, now its Kristine's turn

She is fast but eventually, in the team they went to beyond third. She kept saying they were second but the teacher told them its over. Sheesh.

Full of confidence at first...

Walking around the field, talking to her classmate. This was what she had been doing since morning. She was not even in the parade but just, well, hung around the tents.

Kristine still looking excited and all

Until we reached home...

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