Ben10's New Range

While Kristine was being violins, I decided to toy around...

At the local Toys R Us, there were some new Ben10 toy shipment and they're already on the shelves. So, let's have a look see. I suppose this is the start for new 'American' toys to come in since for the next three months, its Halloween, Chrsitmas, etc.

But why, oh why, must they put the words, 'Proto' in the front? Because when I read the name, my mind instantly goes into the Ghostbusters World instead.

New Omnitrix using touch control. Initially, it looks bulkier and nothing works when I tested it, maybe there is some battery connector tab which was not removed.However, I still prefer the original anytime because nothing beats turning the dial around and the slam it in for the transformation. Cool isn't it?

Nice bike, and it reminds me of one of the Masked Rider series. This has potential for other things but alas, the prices stopped me. Its called the Tenn-Speed cycle (10-speed a bicycle) which does not make sense because a 'normal' real bike for kids, as far as I know, does not have that many gears. Anyway, the toy's upper cowl opens up to function as some sort of wings. But one thing good about this is that the Ben10 figure has a helmet. Hooray for road safety awareness.

This is also a very nice transforming spaceship vehicle thingy.

If you fold it right, it would look like one of those Slave II spaceships from Star Wars.

OK, this is a weird one, the Proto-Scope. Its actually nice name for a periscope. I would prefer they coming up with better names like Proto-Pock or PackoScope or, how about Packet-vision...

When you add it to the gun and glasses, no one would even want to sit next to you

A closer look at the glasses, which is the Proto-Specs.
Not bad for the name. If its from the Ghostbusters, that is.

OK, I'll admit it. I like this one. The shape some how gels with a lot of concept.

That is, until you realise its some kind of a exploding thing. I do not want to hold this in my hand while 'imagining' new designs only to have it explode halfway, traumatising my thoughts.

Ben10 Tech Blaster. (for blasting Techs?)
Its a nice design, for a briefcase thingy which turns out to be a weapon. Tony Stark must be jealous because his only turns out to be a suit. But seriously, a gun?

The rustbucket with no rust. At first it looks good

But the more you look at it, it was so good, you do not know what to do with it except to stuff action figures into it and most to most, try to make it fly (anywhere but near a window)

Now, this is a very nice vehicle. (No 'Proto' names too). Maybe I can call it, 'Proto-quad' or 'Proto-bug' or the 'Proto-Kev' or sometihng. But Aerotrack?

But once it 'unfolds' itself, it looked more like a technological flying tick.

I have not seen the new TV Series or any episodes apart from the ones years ago so, I am looking at them from a outsider point of view. Now, with the new toy range which could be a hit (if not for the pricing since everyone is comparing it to Ben10 bootlegs which is everywhere), it seems as if they're trying to market them as toys...

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