Mr. Colour's Gun Chrome

lts amazing what a little airbrushing can do. I was at ICW and asked rayloke to help me get a  metallic tone which is neither too bright (shiny) nor too dark. So, he recommended Mr. Colour's Gun Chrome. I was about to ask more on the Alclad and the those Super Metallic series but I think they're too bright in the end.

I was quite happy with the Humbrol acrylic silver although it was too bright (which I would darkened it with a coat of black) and by accident, my thinner damp finger spoiled the surface when I touched it. The thinner cruelly took out the silver.

And this pushed me more to thinner based paints and away from acrylics. I was told they have more 'persistent' coating and gives a better effect. Being somewhat of a dumbass, I do not understand it but I do feel that its better than acrylics, even Tamiya's. But I'll still use them for washes though.

This is nice because its actually mixed with some black

I was so excited with it, I forgot to prime the part but then again, if I did, the grey primer might make it brighter.

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