Kristine came up to me last night and told me that the new watch that the Auntie from Australia bought for her the night before, was not running. Fine, I thought. Its expected that any stuff you buy from China is going to crap out on you sooner or later, depending on your luck. For Kristine's it was much sooner than soon.

So, after the first looksee, seems like the battery is dead.

I had to go out and buy these 'new' batteries which costs RM2.00.
Luckily, it was for a pack of 10, which makes them 10 sen each.

After comparing the first battery and with the new one which has more juice, the watch is still dead.

And sadly, there is nothing I can do with this watch since if I were to go to a watch repair shop, I would either be advised to get a new one (since the repair job would cost more) or laughed at and cajoled inot buying a 'real' watch instead...

Oh well, let's see if I have some extra cash soon or not.

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