I was walking past a group of people crowded in front of a sign. I wondered what it was and well...

Everyone was looking at the sing and murmuring to themselves and no, it has nothing to do with iliteracy

Seems that there will be a new commercial building built over the squatter area turned car park.
[Update: The next day...]
I passed by again and this time, more people were gathering and speaking in Tamil. I could not understand what was being discussed, but the word, 'Bantah' (Protest in English) was heard many times. Then again, it could be something to do with their Temple literally in front of it. Or maybe, it was their home which was 'cleared' more than two years ago. Although the notice mentioned that it was announced on the main media between 3rd to 5th September, they had until 18th September to do this. I am not sure when the board was erected but it was only yesterday that I 'noticed' it.

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