You must pay to PROMOTE

"Tell friends this post is important". 

Just recently, I noticed a new link, 'PROMOTE' right after I posted a, well..., post. Being the ever curious fatty, I decided to click on it and then, a window popped up.

You can now 'promote' your post or posts that you have shared in exchange for a small sum. What it does is that your post will be featured in your friend's news feed and are labeled as sponsored. How long you 'promotion' lasts, I am not sure but the attractive thing is, your post can be anything, be it text, video or even photos. However, you cannot promote Group posts or Private messages. And other questions. For more information, you can get it from this FAQ.

Before you start to complain and grip about FB making money and taking advantages, etc., you have to remember that this is the norm when it comes to real world media.

And here's the great thing, its a wonderful tool for Businesses. However, for individuals, its not so hot. Then again, its hard for me to see any potential since I am still not familiar with FB.

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