The 6-piece potato

This is a classic.

While I was helping my Wife cook dinner as fast as she could, she pointed to some potatoes and gave me the following instructions:
1. Peel the potatoes.
2. Cut them in half, and
3. Then cut them further so that I get six pieces out from each potato.

And I did that. Exactly. Except that my mind has some problem with step #3. Because we're rushing to cook the dinner, I had to go from Engineering mode to normal layman mode so that I can understand her instructions better. Take it from me as I have experienced this before and its the difference between the bed and the cold hard floor

Unfortunately, its hard to do that because my brain was still stuck with a design problem and so, while doing the change, my mind literally froze.

And in computer-speak, my brain 'hang'-ed. All I could think was, how to cut them into 120ยบ pie sections as there were no protractors to measure the angles...

And so, the first two potatoes (left) had funny shapes...
My Wife and I kept staring at it before I realised what had happened.

Luckily... luckily she made me cut the potato in half so I did not have to worry about in 3D...

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