Temp-ting work

I would like to relate to you a very bittersweet irony I just experienced. For weeks I was applying for work online and at the same time, trying to get as much part-time as I can. Both to me, were as common as Unicorns strolling around in a park. Online job applications are a great help when it comes to jobs because when we were looking for technicians years ago, we had a lot of applicants passed to us. On a daily quota. Within a specified time period. Because that's how much we paid for it.

But from a potential employee point of view. It sucks. There would be a lot of potential employers reading your resume but there would be no response from them (just like in this Blog) apart from some sympathetic, automatic email from Jobstreet, stating, on their behalf of the companies you have applied for, that the position is now closed yada yada yada.

It really makes you feel unwanted, as if confirming your position as some low-life pariah in the society.

But the funny thing was, within a day after  my 'outburst' on Facebook, I had a minimum of three potential leads for a job from my friends. Three jobs. Yes, three actual jobs and they're all 100%, ready to confirm, ready to start jobs. That is the power of friendship and social media.

And also, in the meantime, I had a temp job from one of my good friend and classmate, Raja Azhar. Its a 5-day week job until the end of the month. Its a win-win situation because not only do I help him, he also teaches me the ways of garnering awareness and also, how to start online businesses.

And so, every morning, I get on the LRT to his office after I did my morning chores.

Nice keyboard. Niiice keyboard. Dont die on me. Please don't.... aw no.

The good thing is, on some occasions, I get to walk over to meet up with Bruce for lunch via the KLCC walk.
I cannot remember how long the stretch was but when I brisk walk, it took me about 15 to 20 minutes.

Woo hoo! My first cheque! I am rich again!
Now I can buy all the tin food I could not have for dinner!
By now, I have more or less decided on the job I want to take and all I have to do now is to give them a call and see how we can go from there...

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