As adviced by a friend of mine this morning, I have started a Facebook Page. To be honest, I don't even know what a PAGE was not that it exists. But its there now. And I noticed that it was started on a special date too.

The name PISCEAN WORKS (I wanted it to be PISCEAN WERKS, though) was drawn from various combination of personal reflections and well, I wanted to start a new Company and all but did not have the balls to do so since at that time, I was really unsure of the future. I know that anything I started, I can not see it to fruition mainly because of other commitments and/or being too impatient.

The FB Page, I realised, was a good in-between medium because if I post it on the blog here, if you did not follow the 'series', you'd be lost. And I cannot post it on my Website as its not 'completed' yet. So, this FB Page sits right in the middle which also helps in getting my product/s known to a wider audience. So, I will now post most of the electronic stuff and projects there and make this Blog more personal.

Move your mouse to see something disappear. Click on it or the LOGO above to go to somepelace weird...

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