You... light up my type...

Jeffrey Chan just dropped by with the Lighted USB Keyboard he promised to give to me. This is quite a nice keyboard and the advantage is that I can now type under dim lights. So, I happily unplugged my RM20.00 second-hand DELL SK-8135 keyboard and plugged in the A4Tech.

To be honest, the keys are a little stiff and I had to get used to the new layout especially where the RETURN key is concerned. Also, the left TAB keys are a little too small. Although the keyboard is a little stiff (did I mention that already?), I was realyl enjoying typing on the new keyboard.

[Hours later]
Yes, i am love this new keayboarf and althoug there are some mitype of works, I can near with it.

[Much more hours latr}
Yes, this keyboaf is qoog. befy very good and my ginfers are gettinga realy wrokout. Yep, I lvoe thes keyboarf.

[Very much more houts late\
My hands are hnting and its vey ptoinsful to type sin ful witho ut muych iztakes.

Sadly, this beings me to the quet ofgf geting new lghted keyboard liek dell isf I can.

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