Dealing with IT-Challenged personnel

I got a call from an outlet in Shah Alam saying that their keyboard is not working. So, when its not working, the barcode scanner is not working too. Fair enough.

But it quickly escalated to DEFCON 1 when she realised that tomorrow is the weekend where Sales would go nuts and they do not have temporary receipts or even time to write them. Plus, non of my Techs were available since they had other sites to take care of. And so, when I tell you that I got the call, I was already about 75% in reaching home in the rainy weather. So, I had to do a u-turn back to the office, get the correct keyboard and then drive all the way, in the drizzling traffic jam, replace the keyboard and then scold the shit out of the staff.

Seriously, I did not do that. In fact, I went home instead.

Before you all think that I am shirking my responsibilities even if its after office hours, I am not. This is because I remembered I had left a keyboard there when during the previous trip, Vee-Chai was too full. If I did not remember this, then I really have to make a U-turn, get back to the office, go to Shah Alam just in time to see all the shops close. And I am not in the mood to try this on the next morning since we had appointment with Dad for lunch. He just came out from his eye operation.

And this is the reason why it was not working... facepalm time.
And as usual, no one admitted anything apart from the usual,
"I don't know." routine.

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