Star Trek:Into Darkness

Once again, its time to don the Star Trek Voyager costume again. This time, its for the Star Trek Into Darkness's Premier Night located at 1-Utama's IMAX Theatre. Jeffrey and I got our courtesy tickets from Richard which was a nice gesture because these IMAX tix are not cheap.

(L-R) Richard, me, Alex, Kenny, Peter and King

Richard in his usual pensive mood...

Right before the show starts, there were some quizzes which I guess, only
Star Trek fans can answer.

But the ones after the show, was a little bit difficult since it was
so exciting, I more or less forgot about the details such as the
coordinates given by Khan.

Presents from Richard. A nice poster plus and very shiny key-chain

And well, Jeffrey and I had a lot of these Posters which Glows in the Dark.
There were given to us upon request but I did not expect the crew to give
us the whole box! Well it was late at night and after searching on the Net,
These are limited edition prints.
So, what did I think of the movie? Well, all I can say, was that its nice. I quite enjoyed it since prior to the showing, I ignored every advertisement and also 'news' from the Internet. So, it was more of a surprise when some of the plots revealed itself. But I was disgusted with the role-reversal and where Kirk sacrificed himself and the stupid thing with the tribble. The Wrath of Khan was a classic and although Cumberbatch did some fine acting, the excuse of being in an alternate reality does not justify such stupidity. Also, although it was censored out, Alice Eve's presence there did not do anything significant although she was supposed to be THE Carol Marcus. So, for the rest of the movie, I just concentrated on the 3D IMAX effects, the refit Enterprise and kept my brains in a box. No point nit-picking on a very expensive ticket.

But for new Fans, this is excellent!

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