QMx's TNG Commbadge

 And today, I can tell you that I am a very happy person. The reason being is that my USD19.95 TNG Commbadge from QMx has arrived! When QMx announced it months ago, I was already on the pre-order list and so, as you might have guessed, I ordered them asap.

Its not so much that the prices are reasonable but that I have an 'Official' prop eventhough for this item is 'glamorised'. Yeah, its gold and silver plated, which in the original prop was not. And their surface was never that shiny to begin with since its a resin sculpt. Where the silver meets the gold, its actually in two pieces.

I guess that I would need them to be casted in resin but I am mulling on this one. Should I get one from Roddenberry.com or use this as source? But fret not, its for my own personal comsumption, esp for the fridge.

Yeah, once I have some time off, I'll talk to the Caster....

Its the in-thing to use magnets for the Star Trek Badges nowadays since more than
10 years ago as those pins are really painful and if your badge happened
to snag on something...
The QMx's TNG side-by-side with my cast Voyager badge.
Its very heavy and so, if you put on a thin shirt, it will dangle about.

I think I need more fridge magnets instead...

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