Cra-z-Loom and Rainbow Loom

It even glows in the dark!

I woke up this morning and saw Kristine outside the corridor playing with what seemed to be Rainbow Loom the craze for kids this year.

Me: Where did you get this? Did Mom let you buy it
Kristine: We got it from Toys R Us

Well, that summed up the whole conversation. This means Mommy bought them the Cra-z-Loom. Its not Rainbow Loom, the so-called original that was started by an ex-Malaysian Ng Cheong Choon who migrated to Detroit in 1992 to become Nissan's Test Engineer. Ng is suing Toys R Us on this.

So, what does this mean?
It means, it has nothing to do with us. And I love what my Daughter did for me.

Here is the article: Cra-z-Loom vs Rainbow Loom

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