Red Ants

Well, its time to do some plant destruction aka gardening. I have no idea why its called Gardening because cutting, sniping and watering plants around the garden is sure not it. Also, there will be a time everyone will have to do it to prevent the plants from growing Wild and taking over the place. Anyway, its time to do something about the creepers at the fence because they are creeping everywhere and into the neighbour's.

Its actually a very simple job of removing them and stopping them from growing. That is, until we saw the Red Ant patrols. And to make it worse, I counted SEVEN Red Ant nests. Man, this is gonna hurt.

I don't like it not because I am used to being bitten when younger. Its just the idea that they were unfortunate to nest at the creepers when we wanted it gone. Plus, another question was, how were they there when there is no fruit plants in our garden...

The yellow arrows shows the nests while the red arrows shows the well, ants.
I have been bitten many times before because before the renovation, we had at least four mango trees and periodically, we had to stop the Red Ants from doing much 'damage' the neighbour's walkway. Which means, destroying their nests. Personally, I am all for leaving them alone if not for the neighbour's constant complaining. (That is also the same reason why we did not give them any of our sweet mangoes)

The Red Ants of today are much faster and more agile. When you swing at them, they're ever ready for you and would latch on to your hand and start biting. When they bite, its quite painful except to me, they're mere pin pricks and cause the occasional panic since I have never let them get into my, um, underpants and armpit. See this picture, the Red Ant kept on biting even after I have flicked it many times. Yeah, its biting me until it dies.

Zippo doused newspaper. Lodge it under the nest and hope it catches fire and so on.
But at the same time, I feel quite sad because you can see the rest holding on to those white bundles which are eggs...

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