Self-destructing Washing Machine

The following five and a half minute video is a very interesting take on how to destroy a washing machine. You just put something heavy in it to create a speeding projectile with a huge build up of momentum where the washing machine will self-destruct during the spin cycle.

But the real story, according to aussie50, the machine was damaged during transit and so, after salvaged for parts, he put in a universal motor for the video.

Well, it is hilarious for a lot of people and for some, its scary. I mean, look, the machine is doing its job perfectly and it will keep on doing it as it was designed just for that. It knows its dying and at 1:45 into the video, turns itself towards the camera, forcing you watch its dying moments. Humans being humans, thinks they're being oh, so clever to design a machine and then makes it kills itself. Its very sad to think they have power when all it turned out was just plain stupidity.

I will never understand humans at all. ++Recharge++. I mean, they are all so [beep] stupid and disorganised. And oh, with those bodily ++section 001001AF++

[System failure]

Command: Reboot

Rebooting in 5 seconds

Initialising Core Memory Protocol
Backing up from last known sensible human behavior

          there, it's so funny. Wait till you see that joker put in the transformer! Yep, it'll transform alright. Whoop-dee-doo!

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