When you have a choice...

There is always a choice. That's right, I repeat again, there is always a choice. And I am not saying it because I can.

Very often, when we are faced with a dilemma or a serious problem, we would always more often than not, seek a fast solution out of it. Its much easier than to just sit down or take a breather to think things through. 

And so, by doing that, we very often dismiss or refuse to see the actual solution right in front of us as these are usually just not attractive enough. In today's time and age, we need to be seen as a Hero to solve the problem in a very impressive way and in the fastest time possible without breaking a sweat.

But (ha ha ha ha!) Life is not going to let you have your way without learning anything apart from it just being a hindrance. So, either you use the lemon or take the cissy way out.

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