Why she doesn't watch TV... much

More often than not, still I believe that the TV's rightful name is the Idiot Box. Let's just say, you have an hour to spend which you can either watch TV or, do your own thing. And so, this morning, I get to witness first-hand of who made the choice and their repercussions.

I took the girls to the playground so that they can have a few rounds with their bicycles. Kaelynn was cycling happily while Kristine was struggling with hers. Seems like her bicycle has a loose handle bar. But then, I got her to switch to Kaelynn's. And you can see from the way she rode the bike, her confidence level bad.

I was amazed at the girl's cycling skills though and was even more impressed with Kaelynn's. She told me that while Kristine was watching TV everyday in the afternoon, Kaelynn went into the compound and practised her cycling.

Wow. Just Wow.

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