10122014 My First Drive into Singapore!

Well, it finally happened.
My dream (or nightmare) to actually drive in Singapore has finally happened. Whenever I needed to go down to Singapore, it was either the Bus, Rail or Flights but never with my own Bengmobile. There is always this fear that I would be driving down there, lost, and turning in circles while making sure I did not commit any traffic offense with the undercover Police tracking me.

And so, with my new job, and due to some circumstances, I am one of the only two staff remaining who has a valid Passport and a valid GDL License to help in an installation. At first, it was exciting for me not because I can go to Singapore again, but to actually install a System in Singapore. Yep, this will be another first for me.

At first, the plan was to just get to Singapore but in the end, it ended up with me having to use my own car since the Company Vehicle has some complications. So, with me using my Vee-Chai, it would be dangerous since the car would be full of stuff plus two short ladders. Then, my lovely Wife called up and said she had her car serviced so that I could drive it down!

Yeah, this was a big surprise to me. But to be honest, its more of a shock since I never expected this!

My Wife had her car serviced the day before so that I can use it to drive down to Singapore along with the company's tools and equipment.

1300: Reached the Johor Customs Checkpoint. Its just a matter of showing our passports and have RM6.80 deducted from my Touch n Go card.

1302: We're halfway across the Causeway and in my Wife's car!

1302: OK, so I got excited

1303: There is a Jam on the Causeway, maybe because its Lunch hour...

1307: But no, its the Lorry on the right which broke down

1323: This is the nervous and time consuming part. We had to get our Passports examined and fill the white Embarkation card. All the lanes had long queues. Because we had no Entrypass cards, we had to get them at the appropriate VEP/Toll Office.

1335: And so, on to the RED Lane we go since this is also the same lane to the VEP/Toll Office

1344: So, this Mr. Chow took down Mr. Chow's particulars to register for the EntryPass card, which would be 'locked' to my Wife's car. The EntryPass costs $10.00, with a $4.00 value. Once you pass through the Checkpoint, $3.20 would be deducted and you need to top-up before you leave Singapore. Or else.

1413: Hello, Singapore!

1446: Stargek. So close yet so far and our destination is just about 2.4Km away...
However, just to get where we needed to be, I had to rely on my Nokia n8's Nokia Maps. Its not too bad but we did miss two turns and had to take some U-turns since I was a little too paranoid about causing an accident.

1504: Had to wait for the owner to open the door

1514: Work begins.

1547: More contractors arrive, but none with curly hairs and yellow boots...

1600: Watching this Master at work. He got all 5 holes opened up within 30 minutes.

1602: And and this is my work...

1923: Now, let's get those cameras up!

1942: This dinner is basically almost the same thing we had for lunch.

2104: All done!

2104: I love how the speaker looks and this is not your normal speeky speaky but a higher class

2135: Alas, no power so this means a possible trip in the near future!

2241: Time to head home but first, lets top-up the EntryPass card

2224: This was the earlier picture. Yeah, we missed the Entrypass Top-up point.

2333: After some false starts, we got the EntryPass card loaded with $30.00

2357: Goodbye, Singapore!

0120: Yeah, its a long night and my passenger decided to sleep instead of yakking with me

0211: One of the rest stop's toilet decoration




0224: Yum-yum! Curry Mee!

0225: Scratch that. Tastes like ****
Just hope I did not sure any diarrhea on the remaining journey...

0417: So sleepyzzzz......
Nearly went to the sides and middle of the road more than 10 times.
Must be getting too old for this

0439: Finally! We're back!

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