Wooden Boxes on Christmas Eve

A few days ago, I noticed that the Wine Shop near the office has put up a notice saying they're selling Wind boxes. When I peered in, there was already a very stout Gentleman going through the boxes.

Today, I decided to get one for myself but things quickly changed as I encountered a very beautiful girl...

Me: Hi, I am interested in these boxes. Are they suitable for my daughters?
She: Sure. But what would be be using them for?
Me: Oh, the usual, guns, knives, bombs and grenades
She: Ah, these boxes are OK, then. Let me show you some of them...

And yes, that was what happened. I said that with a straight face and she did not even bat an eyelid. In the end, she showed me the better ones which are actually at the bottom of the pile. And every now and them, when the Wines are sold, the boxes would then be put up for sale. So, this means I can get one for myself later on. For RM35.00 each, I guess I can live with that.

What was so nice was the beautiful burnt-in designs and artwork on the boxes. On the left, was a special one which has a hinge and a clasp while the one on the right was well, OK-ish.

Man, the smell of these wooden boxes really wants to make me do something Artistic as they reminds me of freshly sharpened pencils.

When I took it home, I told the girls the boxes are for them and before I could say anything else, Kaelynn rushed over and picked the one with the hinges. Yep, she's putting all her favourite things in there right now.

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