The Morning after

 Well, here we go again.

I got drunk.

For the first time after more than a decade, I got drunk.

It started out as a normal Company Annual Dinner but once it was over, we adjourned to the Buaya Room where, as you would have guessed it, things went downhill for me from there. I won't call it a room but it more of a Pub with a nice dancing area. Unfortunately, all Patrons were much much older than yours truly. Anyway, with the CEO and the Manager pouring the drinks, you can't say no.

I can say, I managed to control it in the beginning because what was given was just the Whisky with lots of water and ice, which, was like drinking flavoured water. But I made a very serious mistake of adding some Coke to it since it felt tasteless to me. The Coke, which I were to learn later, helped speed up the alcohol absorbtion into the body.

Needless to say, there were some funny stuff which I knew was going on while I was trying to stay sober and understand what Company strategy and plans my Bosses were trying to tell me. The Singer next to us was not helping the situation either.

How I got home was a miracle because trying to sleep it off in an empty carpark during Full Moon was not part of the plan.
What the hell was I typing?

And yeah, they say its good.
But I was more interested in the round box that came with it.

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