When Chaos ensues...

So, today is D-Day for a lot of people. And just as I drove about, I see them jostling & pushing each other, blocking each other's ways, not caring if they scratched the car's paint-jobs or not. And I was just talking about the Parents. The kids on the other hand, meekly walked their way into the school's gates, knowing that their freedom has been taken away too soon.

As usual, the very first parking spot I find, I parked. Never mind about not being able to get out when neede to since the whole road would be congested in minutes. The veterans knew to park their cars far away so that the new frantic parents can have the spots. We're been there before and its like leaving your bars of gold with strangers.

Me? I went back to the car after getting the girls sorted out and took a nice nap. When I woke up, its time to go back home... :)

I mean, the extra week off (due to the floods) is already enough and the only regret was that I did not have the time to be with them since my new Job started.

My girl's have the right attitude!

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