13012014 A visit to Section 14

Today is the first time in 2015 I dropped in on Section 14, PJ. I used to love going to this place maybe its because during my early working days, my Office was just across the road (but you need to take a big round before you can cross the road). Things have changed since then.

My haunt has gone to Pasar Road, Hobby HQ and ICW. Over the decade, things have changed a lot from Miniature Hobbies relocating from 1-Utama to here before going to Jalan Kenanga and disappeared, Sushi King & TGIF came and went, so did Metrojaya. Then in came the Digital Mall, the equivalent of Low Yatt Plaza for Selangor folks and Jaya Supermarket was demolished, sacrificed a worked before being resurrected as Jaya-One.

And so, given the opportunity, I was glad to take this errand rather than relegating this to my tech as their time to our clients are more important *ahem*. After looking around, I got what I needed but my fav, the All IT store was closed for stock-taking.

One weird thing I experienced was when I wanted to buy a USB charger and cable. I went to a perky young girl and asked about the prices. It was RM10 for the charger and additional RM10 for the USB cable. I am not sure why, but then, my Engerlund went from local Malaysian to that or a Foreigner and her attitude lifted a bit. Many times she bent on front of me *ahem* and squatted *ahem-ahem* behind to 'get' the cable but I just looked away. The service was much better but it was still RM20.00. Cheh.

mah booties (l-r)
3x crispy popiah with 5x sardine currypuffs, a 10,000mAh Power bank, the RM10.00 USB cable and the RM10.00 charger.

So, why do I need a power bank? Well, I am going to experiment on it because I have a working theory on how to use it. Oh, and it charges my phone too....

Do drop by here and LIKE me now and then to see the fate of the Power bank...

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