Frank Miller's 300

Yes, finally, I finished watching Frank Miller's 300. Yeah, its more than 8 years late. Being more biased towards Sci-Fi and robots and stuff, it was a challenge to actually sit down and endu... I mean, watch it.

Then again, since I was doing some model kits at the same time, it was much bearable and to be honest, the visual looks good. That's all I can say. And hang the Historical inaccuracies so many critics or rival writers have complained. Come on, this is a movie and not a History Documentary.

To me, Frank Miller's 300 is visually enjoyable and I just love the flow of the story. You should also read his actual Robocop series which was even grittier (OK, better) than the awful movies.

But there is still one book that was a challenge to me; decades after reading reading Ronin, I am still stumped by the ending. But thanks to Wikipedia I more or less get it, but WTF, man.

Still, Frank Miller is a great writer and it was him who made Batman what he is today (no, not those awful sorethroat Christian Bale ones) darker and grittier. I know he has also made the Daredevil and Elektra characters worth noticing but I have yet to read them.

So, yeah, briefly, 300 is great and that's it. And once again, this is not a History Documentary.

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