My Nokia n8 was killed by a Pro(crastinator)

Well, there you go. My Nokia n8 is dead.

And it was all my fault. The Phone was already on its last legs since last year as it's battery kept failing. The last battery change was done around July 2015 and these 'original' batteries only lasted about a few weeks.

I was already planning to get a Xiaomi Mi4i and did not think much about pulling the n8's battery out since I was really concentrating on making sure my new Job's probation would be successful (It did not). In the end, yesterday morning, when I looked at the n8, it was already bulging, which is already too late. I was planning to backup and redo the whole contact list onto my Daughter's existing Moto-G.

Damn, last week it was still good.

And so, it's all dammed to heck. I need to apologise in advance in case you guys called and I do not recognise you. I can scrounge up another RM80 battery and insert it (After today's session, I now KNOW how to insert a Nokia n8 battery) to see if the phone still works. Or not, since RM80 is a lot of money for a 'just testing' since I am out of a job in three week's time.

This was how the phone looked when I turned it over.
The cracks on the touchscreen said it all.

The view from the back, where the bulging started.
Man, this is so depressing.

So, how the heck am I going to get the battery out?
Simple. You Google it....

Luckily, I had the right screwdriver head as I had bought it in advance.
I had to turn the screws slowly as the phone kept creaking and parts were eager to pop off.

Yeah, the screen was VERY eager to pop-off
At this stage, funnily, I was more concerned about cleaning off the dust and grime in there...

You know, I don't think this phone is going to work anymore...

Finally, I got the battery out (without any fire or explosions)
And no, I don't think I am going to get a new battery just to get the contact list out...
So you guys jusst have to Whatsapp or Email me your contact number.
But I stop at pigeon messages since its too cruel to cook them afterwards if they carry spam...

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