Living with a T-REX

I just had a very weird dream last night.

Our house has a very hungry T-Rex and we carried on as if its one of those minor incidences. Everytime we need to go from room to room, we need to close the doors and if we were unlucky, we either had to cover ourselves and be still or well, run and made sure we're not caught.

I know its a Dream because:

1. The room's size increases when the T-Rex is in and shrinks back to normal when its not.
2. I can't smell its breath

One day, I was nearly caught and so, I ran out of the house. Wondering why the T-Rex did not chase after me, I looked back. On a front porch, in the middle of our house, which did not exist before. And the house suddenly was made of white wooden planks!

Yep, it was lying on top of an alligator, both fighting to their Deaths. The T-Rex's weight was crushing the Alligator while it tore through the T-Rex's abdomen. And so, our nightmare ended.

Yeah, until one dark stormy night, there was a murderous Velociraptor peeking in from the top window....

(I was so exhausted from the Sunday Night's drafting a Software manual and Facebooking that I just fell asleep like a deader than dead zombie)

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