The Land where the Cats are...

First of all, here is a piece of very valuable advise:

When you need to ask your Spouse something important, beware of their reply, "Up to You" because it's not really up to you. Its a trap answer.

But whatever it was, I am glad that I have said, 'Yes'. As soon as I kiss my previous Job goodbye on Friday, I was set to fly out on Sunday. Setting all those emotions aside, I really felt that this is something that needs to be done. For a person of my age, getting a good salary and great Job security is almost impossible here. Sure, I can do most the work required of me or even learn the ropes but no one is willing to pay serious money for an aging Uncle.

Anyway, going as far as across the Sea for this Job raised a lot of questions, mainly s in how the heck I got it. But let's just say, I don't believe in third chances nowadays. The first few weeks very very difficult for me since I had to convince my loved ones and also, my realisation finally sank in that I would be away for quite some time. It was not easy since with our current financial standing, it meant my Wife needed to talk the bulk of the daily task I left behind AND still continue with hers. But we're looking at a long term goal here which means I need to 'stay on target'.

For the time being, this also means putting a stop to all my Hobbies and stuff too. And to be frank, quitting Facebook cold turkey was not as difficult as I thought.

Last morning drive to school

Last Family Dinner

And so, the cost of KLIA Express has gone from RM35 to RM55 per trip.


Unlike KLIA2 where there's lots of people, KLIA is the exact opposite


One day, I'll need to get something for the Wife when I have the money

The only attraction for me were always the Hawaiian Coleslaw


The Stewardess mumbled, 'something curry something fried rice something something' and that's what I got

Touching down in Kuching. Never seen so many beautiful clouds

When I arrived in Kuching, it was with a sense of relief and sadness. Relief that I have finally made it here but sad that my Daughters were already missing me. Kristine thought I was only gone for the weekend while Kaelynn, the youngest, who understood the whole situation, confided to my Wife she missed me the most.

No turning back now, and so, the first order of the day, after being picked from the Airport, was to get the accomodation sorted out. And boy, I was given an empty Condo which cuited me fine. With the help of the Driver, I got most of the things I needed to make the place more 'hospitable'. It was being alone in Scotland all over again.

Groceries and cleaning agents. That's about RM135 there
Finally, I get to taste Grenadine flavoured cordial. It takes some getting used to

TV reception was limited to TV1, TV2 and TV3, will bad reception. Then, I discovered it can play some YouTube videos which I have downloaded onto my Thumbdrive. Who you gonna call?

On that very night, I dreamt that my youngest daughter, Kaelynn, boarded a plane by herself and flew over to hug me... So, I am thinking of how to get them over in the next few weeks during their school holidays.

Finally, it took me a few more days to finally accept the empty Condo and I finally slept soundly. Or maybe, I just allowed fatique to knock me out. But I do need to do something about the wind-chime outside the window which I am still not too used to it.

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