My very first Android: ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser

In my mind, an Android phone should never cross beyond the RM1,000 mark. I believe that since the OS is 'free', we're only purchasing the hardware. But of course, some companies would bloat it up with their version of the software to justify the price. And then, you have great hardware but crap software and vice versa. In the end, buying an Android Phone is pretty much a very tough decision for me. But one thing is clear. No Samsung.

I have been eyeing the Xiaomi Mi4i for quite some time and have even bought a tempered glass in anticipation of its arrival last year. Then came one fateful day where ASUS's Ad came into my Facebook feed and well, despite the comparison, ASUS won mainly because it's camera feature and also more importantly, accepts microSD card. This means, my 64GB microSD card won't go to waste.

I have planned to get this phone by 2016. It won't be via online since I won't know if I am still working at the current place which to me, is quite  unstable. So, a quick call to ASUS over in Mid-Valley told me that I can pick up a white phone anytime for RM799.00. Which to me, is stilll OK since it only costs RM50 more than the Xiaomi.

But plans changed; I am now working on my new Job over in Kuching. And while I was at Viva City courtesy of my friend, I went into the Asus shop just  to have a look and they had a Chinese New Year promo at the time too. So, I ended up getting my very first Android Phone in just less than 8 minutes. Yea, I did have a Motorola (MotoG), which was given to me by my very good Friend Raja Azahar but this time, I bought one with my very own money...

For RM709, I got a Silver ASUS Zenfone 2 which comes with an 8GB microSD card, a tempered glass protector screen for half the price and also, a softcover case.

Since I had about 30 minutes more, I told Zoo Xen to charge the Phone and also mount the tempered glass for me while I look for more clothing.

The Zenfone feels quite big in my hands but because of the back's curvature, it feels good

Oh, here's the volume button

Just like my MotoG and the Xiaomi Mi4i, the Zenfone has dual SIM slots but look closer at how the microSD card is mounted. So, your fingers better be gentle

First shot from the Camera looks good and is a huge improvement over the MotoG but still, I kinda miss the Nokia n8's camera

The focusing is quite reactive and fast too. I can't show you the picture of my Boss pouring the Wine to my glass but trust me when I tell you this: The moment he started the pour, I took out the Zenfone and got the clear crisp shot almost immediately.

Low light shots are great too but tends to slow down the camera and gave too bright a picture. Here, I just used normal settings
One great feature was the Panoramic shots but the only downside is that the brightness cannot be auto-adjusted (for the moment?). This was my second try as the first was calibrated to the Sea so when it came to the right, everything went dark.

Once I return to my Home for the Chinese New Year, the MotoG is again given to my Eldest Daughter Kristine as promised. Unless her school grades went down again....

Also, I need to go back to Viva as I have forgotten the charger. Zoo Xen was kind enough to call me about it. But man, that's almost a 10KM walk to get there and back again.

But one thing for sure, I can now use Facebook and Surf the Internet through my Celcom line again, without having to depend on Wifi signals.

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