Getting Fat in Kuching

Yeah, I feel that I'm starting to get fat here. When I first came over to work in Kuching, some were worried that I would be starved for food or I could not look after myself. But truth to be told, I was very well taken care of over here. For starters, we were given lunch boxes everyday and for the past few nights, I was treated to delicious dinners by my Bosses.

 And just to show you, here are the photos taken for the past week.

Darn. I was actually looking forward to having a semi-bachelor life again.

When I first arrived in Kuching, I was asked what local delicacies I would like to have and so, I chose Kolo Mee.
Man, this is a far cry from the ones I had in Bangsar!
After that, it was time to clean the place and also get some more food.
I have yet to order a tong of Gas but for the time being, the rice cooker will do.
Anyone who has gone overseas to study would bring a rice cooker with them and they would soon find out that it can cook more than just rice!
The next day would be my first day a the Job. And this is my first Lunch Box, which tasted delicious when I used my hands.
Strangely enough, they have never witness a Chinese eating with their hands. I was used to this because of my previous Jobs.
The next day, it was an Official Lunch and it really opened my eyes!
The dish on the top right which I thought was Paku Pakis but this was different.
I forgot what this was called but its a crispy version of oh jean.
This is the local vege and it tasted incredible!

Fish was great too and the sauce was excellent
For dinner,it was the same delicious Vege again!
Nice! Wow!
The main reason for coming here was the Peking Duck
Once the skin was finished, they cooked the duck meat
The next night was Korean food but also, a friend went to the street behind to get these delicious chicken wings!

BBQ beef
Not sure what this is called but back home, my Wife would tell me its Saba fish
I call him the Beef Inspecctor beccause he was checking the BBQ beef all the time
Dinner at Bumbu Gabe, which serves real authentic Indonesian food!
The rice was cooked with pandan leaves but look at the four sauces at the back
The best sauce was the sweet red one on the bottom left with the green on the top right.
Just choose the food that you want and they will cook it for you
This is a pre-CNY Celebration Dinner in a Chinese Restaurant which we totally enjoyed ourselves.
The Dinner was really an eye opener for me
Oh, yeah! And everyone at the table had it except for one.

Friday Night Dessert Drink.
A first for me, which is Avocado and Milk
I like how the sugar was presented. No, it was not for my drink, though.
Saturday Breakfast, another first which is Sarawak Laksa
Sunday's Breakfast
BBQ Pork Laksa...
Trip to Damai Beach. Lamb and Salad
Satay from Escobar
Chicken Wings to die for
Escobar's Specialty: Butter Fish
The Chef knows how to cook it well as the fish did not taste overcooked and its flesh was still springy and breaks cleanly into chunks.
Forgot what it was but its definitely not kerabu
I had half a glass but eventually ordered Ice Blended Ribena
My Boss's morning brekkie
While I had pork porridge. I will chose fish the next time
And tonight's dinner...

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