If you dont drive, you're not Malaysian!

Let me put it this way, when you're in KL and have friends telling you that traveling around using public transport is convenient, they're lying. The LRT are always full when you needed it, the Buses are late, the Taxis are well, depending on your luck and Uber car has yet to install anti-riot equipment. So, when you do not live or work near a LRT station, you really need to know how to drive. Having your very own means of transport is very important here. How else can the Economy thrive when there's no one to pay for the tolls, pump the petrol, pay for parking and even, the occasional fender denters.

When you're working in a place where Taxis or Buses are as rare as albino apes, having a car allows you to get to places quickly, safely and in this case, keeps you from getting wet too. The weather here can described as temperemental; One minute its windy or Sunny and the next, when you turn your back on her, she makes you go all wet.
So, let  me say this again: Having a car here is very, very important as just like today, it would really keep you from doing any emergency laundry. And just this evening, I relived some wonderful memories of being splashed by cars in the rain while walking back. Don't get me wrong but it was worth it because I got the last Cheongsam for my daughter, Kristine. Oh, and did I tell you that I like walking?

Moving on, for tonight's dinner, its going to be a little bit different. Something which I have never tried before. But with my Wife advising on WhatsApp, what can go wrong?  I'm not sure what to call this but my very tired brain came up with an original title: Dinner

1x Egg, beaten and mixed with 1x tablespoon of Maggi Cukup Rasa or chicken stock

Some spring onions (do not mix onions with springs if you do not have any)
1x carrot
1x cup of rice
2x tablespoon tuna in Olive oil. This is the 'Star' of the dish
2x teaspoons of roasted sesame seed. Or deep fried garlic. Or even roasted seaweed.

1. Wash the rice and put it inside the rice cooker
2. Cut  the carrot into 3 segments, and dice the first segment into 5mm cubes or smaller. For the other segments, you can keep them in your stomach
3. Beat the egg and add in the Maggi Cukup Rasa or chicken stock.
4. Keep checking on the rive  every 5 minutes or so. You need to make sure most of the water is gone and the rice is almost cooked. If its too dry, add in about three tablespoons of water.
5. Pour in the beaten egg and mix it with the rice. Be sure to spread the egg as evenly as you can.
6. Close the rice cooker and wait until its cooked.
7. Put the cooked rice into a bowl and mix in the tuna, carrots, spring onions and sesame seeds in that order.

While the rice is being cooked, and the laundry being washed, I started to dice the carrots and also prepared the spring onions. OK, so I ate some carrots too.

So, one cup of rice will give you this much, which to my stomach, was way too much!

A little bit of rice mixin' and some nice Tea.
I wanted to try this drink in KL but never did get the chance.
Despite the rain and all, it was really worth it, being able to get a Cheongsam for my Daughter although the quality was a little off.

OK, after seeing the cooked rice, I now remembered that I have actually done this before, where I put in garlic slices and chicken stock to make chicken rice when I was in University. For the record, I have never made popcorns with the rice cooker... yet.

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