27022016 The Flooding of Kuching

It has been raining for the past few weeks which I've accepted as normal since its near a river and very much closer to the  Seas. We have spots of rain almost every day as the locals keep telling me its the raining season. However, when it rains in Sarawak, it really rains. When I was in KL, such rain would be followed by thunder and lightning. But not over here. A weekend ago, it was raining non-stop since early Thursday morning until Sunday. And for this weekend, the rain started since last night.

I did not think much of it until my Driver told me that parts of Kuching was flooded, showing me images from his WhatsApp account. And within the next few minutes, I started to receive different images from my WhatsApp friend as well.

Why am I working on a Saturday? Actually, I find it kind of comforting to be in an office where there's no one or just one or two staffs in there. I kind of get more work done this way... It's not that I don't have a life but right now, getting work done is more important than looking for friends to fill the evening void when I am staying alone in Kuching. :)

Anyway, here's more from the online Papers:

The Borneo Post

News Straits Times

Youtube video outside Merdeka Palace

This is one of the entrances to Merdeka Palace with the view of the Padang Merdeka and Plaza Merdeka in the background

The side Lobby of Merdeka Palace

The streets outside Merdeka Palace which is Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg

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