27022016 The Quest for The Kitchen's Kampua Mee

When I was about to come over to Kuching, a friend of mine, Jeffrey said that I need to try the Kampua Mee, a dish which is synonimous with the Foochows in Sibu. And so, the brand which I need to look out for was from 'The Kitchen' which, sells out very quickly.

But try as I might, that brand is quite difficult to get even in Kuching. But finally, through their Facebook, I was happy that it was being sold at the Boulevard's Groceries. This was because our Company Van drives us to both The Stutong Wet Market and also Boulevard for our weekly shopping needs. The alternative was Ta Kiong at The Spring, which is roughly over an hour's walk, something which I am still deliberating.

The Kampua Mee is actually dry handmade egg noodles. The specialty of this dish, apart from the noodles, lies in the pork lard and onion oil. Other ingredients such as minced pork, vegetables and so one are just to make it slightly different to cater for customer's palates as there a a LOT of Kampua Stalls competing in Sibu.

And so, today's journey ended up with me not able to find the particular brand, I had to settle for EcoFresh's Mi Kampua. Do note that these noodles are supposedly free from any preservative and so, has a very short shelf life as mine expired in end of May 2016! And yes, you need to look for them in the Non-Halal section. The whole shelf was full of EcoFresh's except for the brand I was looking for. There was no empty shelf to show that it was sold out either. Being the only brand there, I bought a packet of five for RM8.00

This is EcoMee's version of the Kampua Mee. The seasonings are (L-R) Vegetable oil, fried onions and Soy sauce

It tasted like dry wan tan noodles made with Angel Hair spaghetti, very oily and a little bit too salty. The fried onions was not crunchy at all despite being packed inside the vacuum sealed packet.

So, tonight's experience is a bit of a let down but maybe next week, I'll walk to Ta Kiong and give it a try and I really hope I would not be disappointed.

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