05032016 The Quest for The Kitchen's Kampua Mee Pt II

Finally, for the sake of a friend and also my curiosity I decided to go to The Spring's Ta Kiong to search for The Kitchen's Kampua Mee. To be honest, it was also the same place which I wanted to go ever since I passed by for the very first time. (OK, so it had the BIG Toys 'r Us sign there... *ahem*)

Entering the place, it gave an impression that this is somewhat an upgrade above the other places I've been such as the new VivaOne. Anyway, my main mission was to look for the Kampua Mee at Ta Kiong. (OK, so the Toys 'r Us was the smallest I've ever been into)

This is one area of The Spring and its quite nice and there's this feeling of serenity as well.

OK, here we go. The one hour walk from my Place better be worth it

I am not sure how I can describe the place but its like entering into upmarket places such as Cold Storage or even, those places with the names ending with Grocers in West Malaysia. However, unlike those places, the aisles were much narrower. But when you take a closer look at the unique items being sold and great bargains more than made up for it.

Such example it this small tiny Coke bottle from Korea which costs RM11.69

And yes,its made of aluminum!
Sadly, I opted for Yeo's Mango Yoghurt drink which I have never seen it before. And I'll be keeping it for when my girls drop by next week!!!

If you're looking for the Kampua Noodles, you need to look at the right place. This is due to their way of being manufactured and its ingredients, you can never ind them in the normal shelves. So, look for the non-Halal section and you will find them there. At this time, only the original flavour was left. At RM8.20 for a pack of five, I will not tell you how many I bought but all I can say is, that one hour long walk was torture.

The Kitchen's Kampua noodles, just like the earlier EcoMee,have the same items.
However this is where the similarity ends. For one, the noodles were packaged differently.
Then there are the sauces: The left is basically soya sauce which tasted quite differently and is slightly sweet. In the middle is the chili sauce which tasted quite similar to Lingams. But the main ingredient that can make of break the Kampua Mee is the oil in the silver packet. Before I opened it I let it soak in a bowl of hot water as it felt as if the fat is slightly solid. Once I opened it, the umistakable aroma similar to Indomie's Mee Goreng really upped the ante.

Mix them all in, and this is how it looked like. The colour is light compared to EcoMee's and the taste is so much better.
Its not very salty and the chili sauce complements the oil but never overpowering it. Yes, its still oily but I suppose, this is how Kampua Mee feels like. On the Internet, there are quite a lot of variations of Kampua Mee, each with different garnishing. So, I added a slice of delicious luncheon pork which instantly destroyed the whole noodle. So, in this case less is the key.

And oh, one more thing. Alll Kampua Mee has a very short shelf life but with The Kithen's brand, it does not matter because it's so delicious, you can fnish it way before the deadline.

In the end, the Kampua Noodles erased all the muddy shoes and sweat of the one hour walk. (It's one hour because I got the Driver to drop me off there....)

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