09032016 Dinner at Hartz Buffet, Kuching

It's nice to meet up with my friend Raja Azhar. He's one of my Friends who stood by me and helped me out in a lot of ways. In fact, we were friends since we were 13 years old and all the time, he really looked out for me. My Birthday came up the other day and although I had been reminded countless of times throughout the day, it did not really sink in until the visitors had left. Suffice to day, my day went from YAY to OMG to SNAFU with full throttle into FUBAR. But miraculously, it went to PHEW thanks to my Mentor who literally saved the Day and finally, by Dinnertime, it was YAY again.

YAY because, Raja has arrived in Kuching!

Although I have started to make friends here in the Company, but when it comes to friendship nothing beats meeting up with Raja. If you want someone who is positive in everything, crack open your head with awesome ideas, advises you not to be a total dick and more, he's the guy. But more importantly, he's my friend (so you guys have to wait in line... :P ). And OK, having been here for more than 6 weeks, I'm still lonely. Heh.

For dinner, we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet. Ever since it opened in Sunway decades ago, Hartz was among the most reasonable priced buffets I like, mainly due to the mashed potatoes and of course, other side dishes. The other competitors would be Kenny Rogers and Pizza Hut but ever since they started to close the Salad bars and limit you to over the counter choices, Hartz is still the place to go and for tonight, it was the best Birthday Present I've ever had. As per their namesake, Hartz's main offering was the different varieties of chicken under one roof. As for drinks, you can choose from a variety of soft drinks, tea or even coffee. I was tempted to mix some ice cream with the coffee but that's for another session in the future. Oh, and their pasta is still great. But more importantly, there are no hungry crowds to fight over nor having to rush for 'signature' food such as marmite chicken wings which comes out at random periods degenerating everyone into hungry caveman mode.

The ambience was OK, but its still great for having engaging conversations despite the huge crowd but on a personal level, I would prefer the lights to be slightly dimmer.

So, for RM22.50 per person, this is still a great place to go to, unless your palate for the night lies elsewhere. I can't remember when was the last time I've been to Hartz but it's still great.

The wide choice of menu (apart from chicken, chicken, and more chickens) such as these side dishes and the awesome salad was the main attraction for me. 13 years on, the mashed potatoes were still my favourites.

First scoop: Chickens, chicken, crisps, stuff and stuff. *ahem*

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