10032016 Driving the Alza

I really want  an Alza now...

Guess what happened today? When the Production Director  heard that my Wife is flying over here soon, he loaned me his Perodua Alza! And so, for the very first time, I actually get to drive an Alza, one of the Perodua cars on my wishlist many years ago. If you look at it form the side, it's like looking at a MyVi stretch limo.

At that time, the Alza was a new non K-car model and also at that time, I was not really interested in the MyVi nor the Nautica, which is basically a Toyota Rush. The crazy reasoning for me was that I, too, wanted a bigger car just like my Wife's or my Dad's. But, reality sank in and so, in the end, I chose the Myvi for economical and timing reasons.

Since its dark, I can only give my first impressions. When I was driving the MyVi, light taps on the go-go pedal is enough to make it go fast. Which is the same with the Alza too, and when I pushed it a little harder, I can feel the power on tap coming into play. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, since the Alza is company property, one must take good care like any good and sane driver, and not skid about on the deserted roads *ahem*. One thing I realised is that the car gave me a spaciousness vibe and since I was familiar with the insides of a Toyota Avanza, this car is long too! Plus, with the instrument cluster, aircon controls and car entertainment system all concentrated into the middle, I did not have much problems looking for information compared to when I was diving a VIOS. Maybe its the comfortable seating or the feel of the cabin which really made me feel laid back and washed away my fear of driving another person's car. I really felt at home with the Alza.

I really enjoyed driving the Alza and was secretly hoping the Condo was very much further. In the next few days, I'll know how spacious it really is. When it came to reversing, I did not have much problems but I do wished the Alza had a bigger rear view mirror and some additioal reversing aids such as tilted reversing mirrors or even a camera system. Checking at the price of a brand new 1.5 Alza, there was not much difference when comparing with the price of my MyVi SE.

Lastly, I came to realise that with my very 'own' transport, even for a few days, I can actually work as late as I wanted too without being 'kicked' out of the office. Its like working during the Weekends with no one to bother you and everything is quiet, save for the machinery in the next Department. Bliss!

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