12032016 I will not be lonely again Pt.1

I am in the Airport now, feeling very excited

It's because my Wife and the girls are flying over to Kuching. Not only would this be a first for the Girls, it was also a first for me where I actually had enough to buy the flight tickets. Malaysian Airlines tickets since it was the first time the Girls were flying. My Boss has kindly loaned me his car for the weekend too.

So, with only the precious weekend to spend the time with them, our plan was to drive through the City, hunt for souvenirs, spend the time at Boulevard before going next door for the Dinner Buffet at Imperial Garden. I won the voucher at our Company's Annual Dinner last month. The kids will have to be extra at a total of RM69.00, which, to us KL-lites, was pretty reasonable.

And here they are!

For the very first time, my Wife had the opportunity to see where and how I lived

The trip was tiring for them since they had to wake up very early.

Looking for the Riverside Bazaar (which was closed) was a challenge and the girls were hungry too. So, it was KFC's at the Sarawak Plaza.

Waiting in the car while everyone was hunting for souvenirs

Erm... they came all the way just to shop at Mr. DIY?

Clowning around t The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Garden Buffet


First round: the best was the dark soya fish fillet, followed with kerabu and some sushi

The girls were crazy with the pasta where the chef will cook for them with the ingredients of their choice

Second round: In a Buffet, its never to eat all the food you see but to get small portions and sample them. Because by the time you're too full, even the most delicious food will make you nauseous.

The kerabu section. Chicken was great

This is the amount of shopping for a family per week or two. It's also four times my weekly budget of RM40.00. In the end, we did save quite a bit, thanks to my Boulevard Member's card but in reality, it is no different from shopping in KL.

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