13032016 I will not be lonely again Pt.2

For the second day, it was more towards sight-seeing but since time is limited and we're still not familiar with Kuching, Fort Margherita was the best choice, which was just across the Sarawak River from where we were yesterday. We also planned to go to The Spring for more marketing and also, Kam Pua Noodles for a friend of mine. Other attempts to go for botanic gardens ended up with me turning in to a beautiful cemetery. But first, its off to Stutong Wet Market, the place I always went for my weekly marketing.

Breakfast was Cup Noodles which the girls bought last night.

And some Barbie animation to go with them

Mommy teaching the girls (and me) how to select and order chicken

Buying some 'lo bak kou' which the girls liked

Stutong Wet Market Fresh vegetable section

Stutong Wet Market Fresh Fruit section

We're going to have more vegetables for meals!

This is the stall I always go to, for my papayas. Here. Mommy teaching Kaelynn (out  of shot) on the different varieties of bananas

Tomato Mee tastes quite nice. It's spicy and think, used deep fried crispy kolo mee.

Kristine and her Char Kuey Teow, which compared to KL, was less oily, and not so dark. In a sense, its less aggressive on the taste buds and leaves them feeling light

Kaelynn with her real Kuching Kolo Mee

My 'drink', which is Kapit' ng. Its not very sweet nor has any flavour but then, since I ordered it...
Still, its good.

Anyway, Mommy ordered the Char Koay Kak, which is again, Kristine's favourite. Its quite nice and light and again, just unlike the ones in KL, you can actually taste the carrot cake itself while the flavourings stayed in the background. Amazingly, although its past 1200, most of the stalls were still open. Its  the same with the Wet Market below but everyone is slowly starting to close for the day.

Fort Margherita, of English design which overlooked and protected the Sarawak River

The actual Fort as realised in scale model

We were quite late coming into this attraction as you can see the staff is already closing the Doors

A few minutes into the drive, the girls were already tired. This was the shot I took when we reached Ta Kiong at The Spring.

Sad news for Kam Pua Noodle lovers out there, esp. Jeffrey as the whole shelf is gone. Even the staff at Ta Kiong is unsure when it will be restocked. No  one else bought the ones above.

We were still waiting for our 'change'. Nervous staff punched in the wrong amount...
But it would be great if they honoured  it. Heh heh.

Showed Krsitine the metal bottle Coke. After she aw the price, it was back to the shelf.
She did this due to her realisation and not by my telling her to.

Then it was back for a quick swim in the pool and we only had 10 minutes before it closes. The Sun went down pretty fast and I had to use low light setting.

Simple meal of noodles Kam Pua style with some vegetables

Strangely,  they sat down to watch Back to the Future for minutes...
And so, it was a very enjoyable and eye-opening day for all of us. Not only that, I had to keep reminding the girls to try and taste every food even though its available back home. This are very different here and sometimes, they might even surprise everyone.

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