17032016 I will not be lonely again Pt.3

On the Eve before they're to go back, my MD rushed back and wanted to have dinner with us. And so, we were driven to Korean Goong at 101 Premier. They  had chosen this place because I kept looking for the Chicken wings for the the girls to try the day before.

Panoramic shot (L-R): The girls, my Wife, my Boss Mr. Chua, our MD Ms. Isabel and her PA, Elsa.

Dinner was good but a little long since we had to wait an hour for the chicken wings to arrive.
What's great was that they even hand delivered it to us since its quite a distance away from the Restaurant

At first, they were sceptical but after just one bite...

And so, on the next day, its time for them to leave Kuching. I know its a very short week since this was the First Term Holidays. But hours after leaving, I started to feel numb and went into automatic mode...

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