18052016 Celcom helped changed my Life

'Living' with about 3GB of Data per month is something I seriously have to deal with, now. Being so used to 'unlimited' data and then realising there is a monthly limit, really annoys me. Everyday, I need to be careful and be aware on how its being used. 3GB means a max of 100MB a day, and when your phone needs to be connected, an average of 10MB or so would be 'leeched' into the datasphere. Which is no fun at all for someone who is really addicted to Social Media and the Internet. And Pinterest. Yeah, although I have an account long ago, I never really looked into it until now. Its like Facebook for Artists. So, I behaved like a grumpy data miser.

The question now is, how do I keep on partying with limited electricity? You know that awful kicked-back-down-to-Earth-reality feeling when everything goes black halfway and the music stops. That was what happened to me, 10 days before that monthly 3GB of Whoo-hoo data top-ups and I only have less than 200MB left. So, each day was a torture seeing the precious megabytes leaking away. It was so bad that things went spiraling downwards after the 29Mb WeChat installation gobbled up my remaining 25Mb and by minus 36 hours before the D-Day, I was already being data-throttled.

There are two choices I can make, or rather HAVE to make to retain my sanity: Either I pay more for the Party to continue or, I just don't give a fuck.

Yeah, choosing the latter was more fun. So I quit cold turkey and I reflected, what has the Internet and Facebook given me apart from robbing my time with real people and rewarding me only with likes? Sure there were some progress in my Hobby in the past but that's it. OK, so I do get to make new friends but the more I go into it, its like really being an invited voyeur with no control how your Host behaves. So, I minimised (OK, I can't stop) contact with Facebook 10 days ago and nothing bad happened. I stopped liking things, destroyed chain mails, refused video messages, and guess what? I'm still alive!

Then I went further by limiting and eventually disconnected Facebook, Web Browsers, App updates, etc. from my ASUS phone. And then, whoa... I have a lot of time for other things.

So, for this month, I am going to see how things are with just Messenger, WhatsApp and eMail. Yeah, you know how to contact me. And best of all, the office's firewall blocks almost everything which is unecessary for work.

Oh, and by disabling email and other notifications from Facebook meant my Phone and Laptop sounded 'quieter' too. Especially at night.

And I can sleep longer.

And so, over the weekend, I've reached my limit. And things started to go sour...

Everytime I peeked at my ASUS, this message reminded me that the Party's over

And this occasionally came up whenever I opened one of those 'Internet' things

Which is not so bad because ASUS did help me from falling further into despair. But Celcom does not stop the data flow but throttle it.

And after more than two days, the fun began again...

But after stopping almost everything on the Phone, 3GB suddenly is a lot. Oh well, let's see how I handle this month and if its good, then well, who needs Facebook anyway.

This WeChat screen was so apt for the past few days, representing how I feel. I can see the whole World yet I am alone.

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