07062016 Heinz's Honey & Garlic BBQ sauce

Ah, from the Love of my Wife. She insisted on getting me a whole roasted chicken for my flight to Kuching. For a whole Family, this does not mean a lot as it will be gone after one meal. But for me, it means a lot as I can use this as a source of chicken meat for my culinary (mis)adventures. I can get chicken meat from any place here but for a whole cooked one, that's slightly more difficult unless I'm prepared to walk for hours or wait until Saturday where, hopefully, Kenny Rogers would have some before 10AM. But this is too expensive.

Anyway, that's another story for another day.

Tonight, I am going to dismantle the chicken. I can't find the right words for it but this is a literal Cantonese translation I picked up from my friends when I was studying in Scotland long ago. The process is just to remove all the cooked meat and then turn them into smaller bits. Once its done, I think I'll either add them to my salad or create another new salad.

15 minutes later, I'm tired and only managed to get half the chicken done. Its easy since the chicken was in the fridge which literally froze everything and so, the meat came off easily. Although I can use my fingers to pinch the meat to separate them, I ran the bowl with a few passes of the scissors to make it even finer. I need to get a proper kitchen scissors for real meat later on.

I have bought a very expensive BBQ sauce because its.. Heinz. Boy, on the biscuit test, it just tasted like the HP Sauce but slightly sweeter. Damn it.

I mixed it with some mayonnaise and it tasted slightly better. The mayo sort of removed the tangy edge. Right now, I am thinking of adding some onion slices, potatoes, fresh chili or red pepper and even some raw papayas.I am tempted to get roasted cashew nuts but they're quite expensive and could become soggy when left in the salad for days. It could turn out to be a more expensive salad due to the price of the BBQ sauce.

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